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Mitt favoritt dikt....

Vet ikke hvem som har skrevet dette, men jeg elsker denne teksten.......


lie down, i want to come
in that way of coming while not leaving
i want you to breathe me in
deep breath that fills your throat
almost swallow as you send it down
just past your belly and just above it all
where it alights warm and golden
swirling in spirals, thick and spinning
sticking to the insides of you
as it rolls through you like honey
warm and pulsing till your belly feels full
your body feels like it will almost rise
swirls inside you where nothing else touches
staying yet rising back up through your spine
reaching your heart and becoming a halo
of light that encircles and squeezes so soft
that the energy shoots back down to your core
makes you press your legs together, firm, then release
as it trickles down your thighs and out from your
fingers of liquid flowing and tingling
your hands go to your chest then your throat
your lips part as they start to buzz
eyes closed and feeling me spiral around you
till your entire being is calm and vibrating
your breath has slowed and comes in measured sighs
as i touch you there from your very insides???

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28.mar.2009 kl.14:41

Takk for tips! M ta meg en titt, selv om lommeboken sier noe annet, hehe. Ha en fin dag! Klem*

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41, Ringebu

Jeg pberoper meg retten til ha skrivefeil.


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